Really smart page builder plugin for WordPress

Smart Builder so useful that you will start loving it from the very instance you start using them. By using intuitive and handy UI Smart Builder you will save time and money and create pages in minutes.

Why SmartBuilder


Touchscreen Ready

With Smart Builder, you can create a page on any touchscreen device

Advanced Drag & Drop

Click element wherever you want and drag it wherever you want. You’ve built beautiful pages – without any coding!



Live Preview

Easily preview how your project will look for users, with no page reloads, no extra bars or wait time

And many more . . .


Impress your visitors with fly-in elements! Great for emphasi.


Receive instant help for a specific problem whenever you need it.

+2000 Icon

You can choose your favorites icon from library of over 2000+ icon.

No coding

No coding knowledge is required. This tool provides automatic coding.

Color scheme

You can apply various color schemes to the different site sections.

“Clone” options

Every element in our Smart Builder can be cloned. This option saves a lot of time.

Custom image

You can download image in 2 different styles: original size or crop.


If you have a lot of content on your pages you can turn on full screen mode.

Intuitive UI

The simplest UI we ever built, you should find everything whenever you need in very simple way.

Undo & Redo

Made a mistake or want to step back to a previous iteration? No problem, use the undo and redo action.

Browser Supported

The SmartBuilder works on all of the popular browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari & IE9+. It will also work on the mobile browsers.

Multilanguage Support

Our Builder can be translated into any language. Auto-translated into another language.


A guide and helpful informations about configuration and options in SmartBuilder.


Every component is accessible from toolbar. Use drag and drop interface to move the components.

Fully responsive

With Smart Builder your content will be accessible on desktop and mobile platforms.

Action with elements

Reorder rows, move widgets, resize columns and build your page, all with your mouse.

More Then 30+ Predefined Elements


Developers for developers

We use object oriented programming. With all the features, elements and options included, we pay extra attention not to bloat the plugin but make all code as efficient, clean and minified as possible. Every programmer can read and comprehend our code. We used Unit testing to find problems early in the development cycle. Unit testing can force developers to structure functions and objects in better ways. Developers will find this plugin useful because they can assign it to wordpress templates with their own shortcodes and enable potential users to design their own web pages using template’s elements.