Build information

System Requirements

SmartBuilder has several dependencies on other software packages. Please make sure that you have these installed before build SmartBuilder.

Before use commands you need run install command:

npm install

Now you can run commands


Command Description
grunt Build project
grunt build Build project
grunt release Create archive project: developer, stable and docs (all API docs)
grunt docs Generate All API docs (PHP+JS) and documentation files
grunt htmldocs Generate documentation files
grunt phpapi Generate only PHP API docs
grunt jsapi Generate only JS API docs
grunt phpunit Run PHPUnit tests and generate reports


Before run test command you need prepare environment

  1. Create mock database wp_builder.
  2. Edit dev\wp-tests-config.php file for your database connection

Command grunt phpunit will create test reports

  1. docs/report/index.html - Code coverage information
  2. docs/result.html - Tests results in HTML format
  3. docs/result.txt - Tests results in TXT format

If you see next

C:\webark\legal\wp\wp-content\plugins\builder>grunt phpapi
Running "clean:phpapi" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.

Running "shell:phpapi" (shell) task
"php" ?? ?????? ???????? ??? ?????
????????, ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? ????.
Warning: Command failed: "php" ?? ?????? ???????? ??? ?????
????????, ??????? ?????? ??? ???????? ????.
 Use --force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

it means that you need to add your php dir to path variable