Quick start guide

What is Builder

To create any page you can use Builder. Builder is the editor consisting of components and buttons which are transformed to shortcodes using WordPress. Work in Builder simplify the task of page creation.

To do the first step in Builder, it is necessary to enter the administrative WordPress panel. Open the menu in the left corner and pass to Pages → Add new. Or, if you are already on Pages → choose the necessary page.

Plugin Installation

SmartBuilder installation doesn't differ from any other plugin installation process, so you might be familiar with this process already. If not, please follow instructions below.

  1. Download SmartBuilder plugin archive
  2. Unzip plugin buider into wp -> wp_content -> plugins
  3. Login to your wordpress website admin page
  4. Go to Plugins list
  5. Click Activate button on SmartBuilder plugin

Congratulations, you are all set! To start creating visit Pages->Add new and switch over to the Builder mode.

How to Plugin Install?


You can choose personal layout for each page. Page can be splitted on totally different sections (Rows).

For each section you can choose things like:

  • style: fluid or boxed
  • background styling options. The background image can not be set if it isn't required.
  • animation - add animation to your element or leave without animation
  • indents & inverse

In one Row there has to be at least one column (Column). This Column has to be placed at length of all Row.

The smallest Column in Row is 1\12. There are various combinations of Column in Row, such as: 1\12, 2\6, 3\4, 12 …

You determine the size and number of Column in Row. If necessary it is possible to set color of a background and background image for Column.

You define the number of Components in Column.

Each element has its own set of parameters. You can Edit \ Add new information in each element of the Row \ Column \ Component page. For this purpose press the "pencil" button in the right top corner of an element.

Using Row cloning function in Builder, creation of your site will be much quicker and more simply.


Such set of components is provided in Builder:

  • Simple components

  • Composite components

Read more on how to use Components.

Menu builder

This theme also features the Smart Menu plugin, allowing you to create attractive menu for your site. Any menu item can consist of different complex components like tabs, images, icons, lists and so on.

To create page you can use specialized builder. You can reach it by clicking Smart Menu item in admin panel on the left side.

To activate menu, jump to Appearance → Menus. Add new menu and make sure Teheme locations: Main Menu is checked.

Adding new menu pages to your menu. You can find among pages in the right block the menu item called Smart Menu. Click there to choose from pages the one you want to add.