Custom identifiers and styles

If you know something about html and css - read this section. It will give you fuller control of the component's visual representation.

Custom ids

For best customizing - you can write component's id identifier just in component's pop-up setting window. So after you added that id - you actually can refer to it in your stylesheets.

If you left custom id field empty - don't mind - it would add automatically generated one.

Custom classes

The same thing as for id, we added support for custom class name for each component. You can write component's custom class name or even several classes (using whitespace delimeter) identifiers in component's pop-up setting window. And the same as for ids - you can refer to that classes in your css.

Custom styles

To give you full controll of the component's behaviour on the screen, we added custom style field support for each component. You can pass explicit styles just as you are writing them inline in tag's style attribute.